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Education and the learning process can never be over emphasized. With today's ever increasing demand on "the need to know", we feel that our knowledge on certain technologies and topics should be shared.

The following section of this website is dedicated to providing a series of Tutorials on various topics that we hope will educate you and expand your knowledge.

Barbara will be concentrating on making understandable, the complex and expansive world of Networking Technologies. Tutorial topics will include the following:

  • Last mile technologies — xDSL, cable modem, wireless
  • Quality of service (QoS) topics — QoS defined, protocols, VoIP, SLAs
  • Optical Networking — Lambda switching, end-to-end optical
  • The Internet & the Internet Protocols — history, TCP/IP, IPv6, the Web

Joe will cover topics such as these:

  • Digital cameras — how choose them and use them
  • Other image capture devices — 35 mm slides/negatives, scanned images
  • Iimage manipulation — Adobe Photoshop techniques
  • Iimage output — about laser and inkjet printers

Remember new knowledge always leads to a better way!

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©Last Mile Technolgies Tutorial by Barbara J. Nolley

Perhaps you have heard the term "broadband" and wondered what it really meant. You might have read recent newpaper or magazine articles about the various technologies that will enable you to gain faster connections to the internet.

After all, you're busy and have little time to download some large file in an email from a friend or relative. So if you have questions about DSL, Cable Modems, or other Last Mile Technologies, this Tutorial is for you.

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