Photo Restoration and Image Enhancement

Photo Restoration — The evolution of home photography could be summarized as follows: It started with our parents or grandparents with black and white or color snap shots taken by either themselves, a relative, or friend. These "old" photos were either put in a photo album or the best ones, enlarged and framed to be displayed. A lot of these old photos still remain in an envelope or a box in back of the cabinet.

In some cases, these old photos are either of poor quality or simply bad photos — The photo wasn't centered properly, it was out of focus, or it had the wrong exposure or was damaged. But, it is the only copy you have and it has special importance to you.

BJC can provide a solution — We can restore that old photo!

With the help of imaging software and the use of current scanning and printing technologies, that old photo can be modified and reproduced with a new and fresh look.

Example 1 Example 2

Image Enhancement — How often have you taken a photo that has great subject content which is obscured by an unwanted background or some other distracting elements?

BJC can provide a solution — We can make that almost great photo in your collection, the prize photo you and your relatives and friends can cherish!

Example 3Example 4

Other Imaging Services

Electronic Imagery — Today, electronic imagery has become a valuable tool, not only to express one's artistic creativity, but also to help provide a clear, precise, and manageable process for bringing graphics from the computer to the press. Futhermore, with the power of today's personal computers and the wide range of applications available, this process can meet the demands of business in a timely and efficient manner.

So whether it be a magazine ad, corporate banner or poster, BJC has the tools, expertise, and artistic creativity to present that special project.